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How did you find that out?

B to B Marketers: do you spend as much time speaking with  your direct buyer audience as you do speaking with your distribution channels ? Remember the game of telephone where we would each take a turn whispering a message to someone else; how often was the last person in the chain able to duplicate the original message?

The importance of being in touch with the ultimate end user cannot be under-estimated. magnifying glass


Be Brief. Be Brilliant. Be Gone


Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to create a weekly conversation starter around one of the more entertaining observations made during the previous week. Nothing too complicated — fun to see how people answer the question.

Let me know what you think.

Words of wisdom from a recent media training class that I attended. newscaster

  • Be Brief
  • Be Brilliant
  • Be Gone

Sometimes, we talk too much. We are uncomfortable with the pregnant pause – the silence between conversations. Framed within the context of speaking to the media and not having full control over the comments or PARTS of your comments that will be published, the words ring true.

Probably a good piece of advice for many of our daily conversations as well. Do you agree?