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Sad Clown – Happy Thoughts


Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to share a regular conversation starter around the more entertaining observations. What’cha think?

We interpret things as we see them framed—-Framed by our own minds.    
The sad clown, painted by a family friend,
 made its’ way to our wall many years ago. While a sad clown is often associated with anger or unhappiness, our clown painting makes us smile every time we look at it……..reminding us not to take everything so literally. Our sad clown makes us smile because:sad clown

  • The earth tone paint colors further complimented by the bronze frame color provides warmth and approach-ability.
  • In our heads we look at the painting and think of our dear friend who painted the picture.
  • Looking at the oxymoron presented by a sad clown, we say to ourselves: “What-up clown : where’s the smile?”

We interpret things as we see them framed—-framed by our own minds.


Not Yes. Not No.

Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to create a weekly conversation starter around one of the more entertaining observations made during the previous week. Nothing too complicated — fun to see how people answer the question.
Let me know what you think.

Life is not always a yes or no decision. And, sometimes it is not even one of three-four specific choices. A multiple choice question forces your answer into a pre-determined category. Are you more comfortable with structured or unstructured types of answers?

What does that say about your thinking style? feedback