PIP Title Means What? #agreesharon


Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to create a weekly conversation starter around one of the more entertaining observations made during the previous week. Nothing too complicated — fun to see how people answer the question.

 Let me know what you think.

out of date clockA business acquaintance recently referred to herself as a PIP – a “Previously Important Person”. While I chuckled, I was also saddened by the expression. With the daily transitions that each of us are making through professional responsibilities, child-rearing, parent caregiving, volunteer roles and more, we will often move into and out of the spotlight.

How can we avoid feeling like we were “previously important”? 


2 responses to “PIP Title Means What? #agreesharon

  1. Several years ago, a colleague whom I really respect had a lull in her business. She contacted valued contacts (some previously valued) and voila – the lull disappeared. I am doing something similar for my new website and LinkedIn Profile. So far, it’s resulted in one small piece of business and one call about partnering.

  2. Thank you Bruce. Another example that “nobody is previously important.”

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