A Smart Shopper Asks Questions with a Smile

A Smart Shopper Ask Questions with a Smile

Regardless of the subject, the smart customer asks questions, and the smart customer service representative considers the best way to handle the inquiry themselves or to refer the request to a supervisor.

Let me share a great example of this:I have been looking to lower the annual premium on an insurance policy for many years. Every year, I get my bill. I cringe. I call. No change. Yes, the psychology of fear around your insurance coverage. This year, I call and am asked a few additional questions. Turns out there is a product that I qualify for that will give me more coverage for less money. REALLY!”How long has this product been offered” I ask. “Uhhhh. A while” says the representative sensing where this conversation is heading.

With a big smile that can be felt across the telephone, I ask: Can you see if a supervisor can  review my  files. It would seem that I have been eligible for a product that was never offered to me, even though I have been a loyal customer for many, many years and call you annually about options to reduce my premium.
honeybee 2
Soooooo, what do you think happened next?
A Smart Shopper Ask Questions with a Smile -:)

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