Perspective On It’s Side


Life is filled with so many interesting moments that I decided to create a weekly conversation starter around one of the more entertaining observations made during the previous week. Nothing too complicated — fun to see how people answer the question.

Let me know what you think.

Perspective, defined as an attitude, a way of regarding something or a point of view.

For years, both business and psychology articles highlight the importance of looking at life through the eyes of another….stopping to consider the perspective of the customers, patients, clients, staff or any other constituents. And, as we know, doing this successfully leads to good personal relationships and good business outcomes.

Walking through an upscale department store, I took notice of a floral arrangement that put flowers on their side in very ordinary glass dishes. Such a simple example of displaying something familiar in a non-familiar manner to make people stop and take notice.

The presentation, at a main store entryway may well have been designed to create a subconscious influence of how people will shop.

flower side
When was the last time you turned something around, upside down, or inside out to allow for an alternative perspective? Try it today.


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