A Reflection on Time Management and Productivity!

How much of our daily routine is spent being busy vs. being productive? We can  prioritize the tasks that need to be done for reasons that will impact us (personally or professionally). Let’s look at some of the boundaries that we can use to help ourselves stay focused. For example:

  • We are evolving into a nation of “Yes. Consider it Done”. This mind-set connotes confidence, customer service and productivity. Hmmm. Think about it—is yes always the right answer? Have you ever said yes before having an adequate understanding of the situation? Or, before double checking all of your calendars?
  • Control ensures Perfection – Delegation is a good and necessary skill set  Those who are unable to delegate are unable to trust.
  • Technology — We well know the double edge that today’s digital age delivers: Connectivity overload! We must remember that there are times when it makes sense to turn off the email and text messaging alerts that divert our attention.
  • Deadlines and Quotas — They can motivate us and they can trick us. Make sure those on your team understand these benchmarks. Use on-going progress reports amongst the team for a “reality check”.
  • Fear of Failure – Fear is the acronym for “False Evidence Appearing Real”

As Storm Sandy picks up wind, today, I have had the moment to reflect on the irony of the time traps that we live each day.

Oops, time to go  -:)


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